Community Development Block Grants

The 2016-2017 CDBG Consolidated Annual Performance & Evaluation Report (CAPER) is
available for public comment.

Please contact Leah Bloom, Housing and Grants Administrator at or
928-213-2752 to make public comment. 
 2016 CAPER for Public Comment


The City of Flagstaff receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). CDBG funds are provided on a formula
basis to entitled communities to develop viable urban communities by providing decent housing,
suitable living environments, and/or by expanding economic opportunities, principally for low and
moderate income persons. In addition, activities funded with CDBG funds also must meet the
goals, strategies and objectives identified in the City’s FY 2016-2020 Consolidated Plan.

After an extensive public participation process, where community proposals for funding are
received and ranked, the Flagstaff City Council sets CDBG priorities and decides the ultimate
use for the CDBG grant, to fund projects within the Flagstaff city limits. This year's funded
activities/projects with 2016/2017 CDBG funds include:
CDBG Public Services

Agency & Project

Funding Amount

Units of Service

Coconino County Community Services – Housing Stabilization

$ 24,600

24 people

Flagstaff Shelter Services - Winter Overflow Operations & Housing Services

$ 70,000

650 people

Total CDBG Public Services $ 94,600

CDBG Public Facilities, Housing and Code Enforcement

Funding Amount

Units of Service

City of Flagstaff – Hal Jensen Community Center Improvements

$ 105,239

3,000 people

City of Flagstaff – Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation

$ 150,000

5 units

Flagstaff Shelter Services – Energy Improvements

$ 19,800

1,591 people

Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona - Financial Assistance Program

$ 120,000

6 households

Northland Family Help Center – Shelter Renovations

$ 25,154

350 people

Total CDBG Public Facilities and Housing $ 420,193

For a detailed report, refer to the 2016 CDBG Annual Action Plan.

The Action Plan defines the one-year activities in relationship to the five-year goals and objectives of the Consolidated Plan covering Fiscal Years 2016-2020, submitted to HUD on May 15, 2016. The Action Plan provides a brief description of the programs and projects of the City of Flagstaff in Fiscal Year 2016-2017, as well as funding announcements for the CDBG program.

2016-2017 CDBG Program and Project Descriptions
Coconino County Community Services – Housing Stabilization. Utilizing comprehensive case management, CCCS will provide assistance to help residents maintain safe and stable housing through the provision of housing and utility assistance. Utilizing the City of Flagstaff CDBG funds, the County will be able to continue and expand housing assistance that serves low-income, elderly, and disabled clients in crisis with financial assistance. The assistance will help citizens who are facing eviction or foreclosure to maintain their housing, and those who require move-in costs to prevent homelessness.

Flagstaff Shelter Services – Operating Support. Flagstaff Shelter Services (FSS) will utilize CDBG funding for two operational projects that will service individuals at two points in the FSS Continuum - 1) at entry into shelter, and 2) working to exit them from shelter. Project 1 will support operational expenses to increase the number of weeks the FSS overflow shelter remains open during the winter. Project 2 will increase housing-focused case management to better resource individuals in crisis by linking them with benefits, including community services. Housing staff manage the implementation of a comprehensive assessment of the individual’s social, health, emotional, and economic needs to facilitate the efficient transition from emergency shelter into permanent housing, which includes the supports necessary to keep individuals housed.
City of Flagstaff – Hal Jensen Community Center Improvements. This is a rehabilitation project to mitigate health and safety concerns at the Hal Jensen Recreation Center. Projects include electrical upgrades and centralization, tile replacement, security monitoring, refinishing the gym floor, and the installation of additional storage space onto the existing facility. We also propose to establish a turf play area in the back of the building to encourage outdoor play in that area rather than in the front of the building near street traffic. Hal Jensen Recreation Center is located in the Sunnyside Target Neighborhood.

City of Flagstaff Owner Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program. To preserve existing affordable housing stock and benefit low income home owners of Flagstaff, the City will conduct owner occupied housing rehabilitation. The objectives of the program include: 1) elimination of health and safety hazards in the home; 2) facilitation of ADA accessibility and aging in place; 3) financial stabilization of low income households though the reduction of home repair and utility costs; 4) increased building performance through weatherization and performance enhancing measures; 5) revitalization of low income neighborhoods; 6) preservation of the entry level housing stock. This program often serves seniors and disabled people and is one of the few programs that can keep people living in safe, decent, affordable housing as their abilities and income change.

Flagstaff Shelter Services – Energy Improvements. Flagstaff Shelter Services (FSS) will utilize CDBG funding for a rehabilitation project that will make critical improvements to the shelter. These improvements will have a lasting return on investment to both the shelter operational costs and long term energy efficiencies of the agency. The project will replace expensive and wasteful equipment that will in turn provide significant water, energy, and costs savings to Flagstaff Shelter Services.
Housing Solutions of Northern AZ – First-time Homebuyer Program. Housing Solutions of Northern Arizona (HSNAZ) will provide low-income, first-time homebuyers with direct financial assistance, enabling them to open the door to homeownership. In addition to financial assistance, these buyers and others in the community will benefit from one-on-one homebuyer counseling, helping families to prepare for homeownership and understand the home-buying process, ensuring they make educated housing decisions and are less likely to face foreclosure in the future.

Northland Family Help Center – Shelter Renovations. Northland Family Help Center will install new carpet in the bedrooms and living areas that serve Northland Family Help Center’s (NFHC’s) Domestic Violence Shelter for survivors and their children and NFHC’s Residential Youth Shelter for youth under age 18 who are abused, runaway, homeless or in need of respite from their families. Since 1999, there have been approximately 5,250 individuals residing in NHFC’s Shelters from the Flagstaff Community creating the current worn condition of the carpeting. The project will directly improve the quality of life for shelter residents and assist with the healing process for those traumatized by family violence.